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The Adobe Route

On Route 60, there is a path of unparalleled architectural works, towns and relics with more than 300 years history. Dotting the route are a dozen small provincial towns, offering examples of an ancient and traditional architectural technique: construction using adobe. The path stretches over some 50 kilometers of the countryside.

Finca La Sala is a charming part of "The Adobe Route". We invite you to enjoy a Tea Service, a picada with wine or stay in our facilities and discover the wonderful surroundings.

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MUSEUM OF MAN: Located in the city of Fiambalá, it preserves pieces of the Aguada Culture, Alamito Culture sculptures and two naturally mummified bodies dating back 1.470 - 1.590 years, stemming from the 'Belen III culture.

LOS SEISMILES | HIGH MOUNTAIN MUSEUM: Sharing a building with The Museum of Man, 'Los Seismiles' was inaugurated on July 8, 2007 at the initiative of two women from Fiambalá province, who wanted to share the discoveries of those who explored the area and left valuable information to the expeditionaries, tourists and adventurers who arrive in Fiambalá with the purpose of accessing the Catamarca mountain range.

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Inquire about the activities of your interest:

Trekking: Nearby trails surrounded by vegetation. Including a mountain that is only 3 km away. Discover the natural settings offered by this prodigious land full of secrets, legends and nostalgia.


Bike tours: Free service to guests.

Other: 50km away, you can visit the Fiambalá Thermal Baths, go Sandboarding or book a horse riding tour.